Why ‘recycled’ clothes are so hard to recycle

Why ‘recycled’ clothes are so hard to recycle

Today we make more clothing than ever before. And the driver for this is primarily economic, rather than human need. Over the past decade, the term “circular economy” has entered the fashion industry lexicon, wherein materials are made to be reused and recycled by design. Yet we haven’t seen the same level of recycling in … Read more

Can Nuclear Energy Power South Korea’s Future? – The Diplomat

Advertisement Nuclear energy has a checkered history in South Korea. Along with gender parity, housing solutions, and COVID-19 relief, support for nuclear power plants has defined political fault lines. While over 70 percent of conservatives favor expansion of nuclear energy, almost 70 percent of progressives do not. In fact, one popular survey uses responders’ stance … Read more

Equilibrium/Sustainability — Wolf relatives breeding themselves into climate ‘trap’

Scientists have identified the first predators ever seen changing their reproductive strategy due to climate change: Distant relatives of the wolf, called African wild dogs. But their shift in reproduction — giving birth in cooler, winter temperatures — may actually be backfiring, as their young pups struggle to contend with the heat of worsening summers, … Read more

Rival environmental claims throttle Mpls. development

An apartment building under construction at 3333 Hennepin Av. was designed in direct response to the Minneapolis’ 2040 Plan. Formerly a single-family house, the site will become 11 market-rate rentals with an office for Riley Cos., which owns and manages about 100 units in the Twin Cities area. Sustainability elements that appealed to the South … Read more

Circular economy for plastic, are we ready?

PLASTIC, Dubbed an invention due to its durability and versatility, it has made our lives substantially easier. However, 60 years after its invention, managing plastic waste has become one of the planet’s biggest problems. The statistics are alarming, with mass production and consumption of plastic on the rise since 1950. According to a report published … Read more

Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’ has received increased attention. Will it bring more action? | Environment

It was not a bus tour you’d usually find in the Louisiana guidebooks – but then again, the visitor from Arizona wasn’t here to take in the gumbo and brass bands. “Some communities should not have the burden of carrying the danger for the rest of the communities,” said US Rep. Raul Grijalva, an Arizona … Read more

Those Black Plastic Planters Can’t Be Recycled — And It’s An Issue — LX

You just bought a house plant for your apartment. You feel great: Your place looks nicer, and you’ve contributed to one of the greenest industries in the world. Or have you? Under that beautiful Monstera plant hides a dark secret: The black plastic pot you will throw in the recycling bin after you’ve repotted the … Read more

Yellowstone’s innovative flood response offers a lesson for all national parks

The historic 1,000-year flood that caused widespread damage in and around Yellowstone National Park was truly unprecedented. Floodwaters wiped out bridges, washed away miles of roads and flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes in surrounding communities, leaving large portions of the park inaccessible to visitors. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, with the … Read more

In struggle to protect Lake Champlain, prospects of more invasive species are worrisome

Lake Champlain in 2019. File photo by Emma Cotton/VTDigger Lake Champlain is home to many nonnative and invasive species, but environmentalists fear it may soon become home to more. The concern is that invasive species can displace native species, disrupting the ecosystem and causing problems such as pollution, algae blooms, and a change in what … Read more