BepiColombo Spacecraft Makes Second Gravity Assist of Planet Mercury – Captures Spectacular Close-Ups

BepiColombo Spacecraft Makes Second Gravity Assist of Planet Mercury – Captures Spectacular Close-Ups

The joint European-Japanese BepiColombo mission captured this view of Mercury on June 23, 2022, as the spacecraft flew past the planet for its second of six gravity assist maneuvers at Mercury. This image was taken at 09:51:07 UTC by the Mercury Transfer Module’s Monitoring Camera 3, when the spacecraft was 1406 km (874 miles) from … Read more

Barbara Creecy | There is on planet B

This year, government aims to invest R2.2 billion in managing protected areas, restoring ecosystems, removing alien species and preventing wildfires. This will create at least 48 982 work opportunities in rural areas, writes Minister Barbara Creecy. The recent flooding in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and parts of the North West that resulted in the death … Read more

Become A Jovian Vortex Hunter

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/SwRI/Ramanakumar Sankar A new citizen science project opens thousands of images taken from the Juno spacecraft for volunteers to review. The goal of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities project is to learn more about the atmosphere on Jupiter. The Jovian Vortex Hunter program trains any interested volunteers to spot differences in cloud composition—including clouds … Read more

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees, ‘the best team on the planet,’ end hitless drought, rally for victory

NEW YORK — Aaron Judge walked over to the stands and gave his bat to Spike Lee, a New York Yankees fan famous for scripting Hollywood dramas. This weekend’s Yankees- Houston Astros series had all the ups, downs and twist endings audiences could handle. And when baseball’s award season arrives, bet on critics taking a … Read more

One of the coldest points in our solar system is in Menlo Park | news

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) has made revolutionary discoveries over the years, but its recent development has made a 1-kilometer stretch under Menlo Park cooler than most of space. A superconducting X-ray able to take videos of atoms can revolutionize science, not just at the grand scale of analyzing molecules, but in improving day-to-day products … Read more

NASA rents the runway for its new spacesuits

An illustration of the spacesuit that Collins Aerospace plans to develop for NASA Artemis missions under a services contract NASA awarded nearly a month ago. (credit: Collins Aerospace) by Jeff FoustMonday, June 27, 2022 On March 23, NASA astronaut Raja Chari and ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station, spending … Read more