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Under Saturday’s skies, few of the zodiac signs will get some new responsibilities at the workplace. Couples will experience a new spark in their marital relationship

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Here is your daily horoscope! On 4 June, a few of the zodiac signs will get some new responsibilities at the workplace. Couples will experience a new spark in their marital relationship.

Government-related work might get delayed but try to be patient as the result will be fruitful. Check out what the universe has in store for you on Saturday, 4 June:

Aries: (21 March – 19 April): You will not be able to use all your potential today. Avoid conducting any big financial transactions today unless very important. Few might think about making a career move while others will search for new options to grow. You will need to work extra hard at the office under Saturday’s skies. Always respect your boundaries in a love relationship. You might be stressed due to some reason.

Taurus: (20 April – 20 May): Your respect and reputation will increase at the workplace. Always keep your policies clear and do not change them with time. You will get a chance to enhance your skills and even improvise on them. Your family atmosphere will become festive with the arrival of guests. There will be a new spark in your marital relationship.

Gemini: (21 May – 20 June): You might be stressed due to the health of some family member. At the workplace, you will need to work extra hard today. Geminis are advised not to react to any topic or situation when they are angry. You will make a few efforts to restart your hindered projects. Try to evaluate your skills and capabilities that will help you in the future. You might come down with a cough and cold under Saturday’s skies.

Cancer: (21 June-22 July): Ancestral property-related disputes will resolve soon. Some of you might get emotional about your goals but never lose focus. All your tasks will get completed on time under Saturday’s skies. People might seek your advice for career and growth in business. You will need to work extra hard today. Working professionals may get reprimanded by their bosses.

Leo: (23 July-23 August): You will be stressed and worried due to your old debts. Let things at the workplace run, as usual, and don’t change the routine. Don’t start any new work today and the day is not right. You may have some conflicts with your life partner but don’t prolong it for too long. Some unnecessary incidents may affect your relationship today. You should pay heed to the problems of your children as some need attention.

Virgo: (24 August- 22 September): You will be satisfied with your achievements under Saturday’s skies. Do not do anything that might potentially tarnish your reputation or status. You will be very excited about your job change and the new responsibilities to take up. Few might get some new responsibilities and you will dedicatedly fulfill them. The profits in the business will be better than your expectations in the coming days.

Libra: (23 September – 22 October): Those who are associated with politics should remain careful today. Take care of your life partner’s health. Maintain cordial relationships with your colleagues at the workplace. Without taking much stress, you should try to solve your problems with a calm mind. It would be better to take the advice and support of your business partners in work-related matters.

Scorpio: (23 October – 22 November): A sense of mutual attraction will increase in your love relationship. The day is favorable for media professionals. You might bump into some relatives of yours whom you have not met for a long time. Your self-confidence will increase under Saturday’s skies. Your family atmosphere will remain pleasurable. There might be some problems in online business.

Sagittarius: (23 November- 21 December): Today, you might be a little stressed due to your career growth and education. Few might complain of muscle pain. Do not share your secrets and hidden knowledge with anyone. At the workplace, you will have to work more than your capacity today. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things. Avoid being arrogant and proud – it will not help you grow.

Capricorn: (22 December – 19 January): Your friends will greatly help you today. Your boss will be very happy with your performance at work. Government-related work might get delayed. You will have a dull and monotonous routine under Saturday’s skies. You will be worried about your unmarried children and their life.

Aquarius: (20 January – 18 February): You should remain calm and composed amid negative circumstances. It would be better to take the advice of your family before doing anything important. Your health might be a matter of concern for others. Anger and stress might spoil your day so better to stay calm and low. At work, you might have to finish many given tasks simultaneously.

Pisces: (19 February – 20 March): Your excellent performance will be a topic of discussion at your workplace. You will make big contributions to charitable and public welfare activities. Your life partner will be very caring towards you. You might complain of burning in your stomach, so drink plenty of water. Don’t let outsiders interfere in your personal life.

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