Common Inherited Retinal Diseases: Presentation, Diagnosis, Treatment

Vision accounts for more than 80% of the information humans obtain from the outside world. The ability of the eyeballs to capture and process visual information sent forward to the brain relies primarily on the health of the retina. Three relatively common inherited retinal diseases challenge that process, though: retinitis pigmentosa (RP), choroideremia, and Stargardt … Read more

NASA’s SLS moon rocket returning to launch pad today for more testing – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s SLS moon rocket rolls toward pad 39B early Monday. Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography NASA’s first Space Launch System moon rocket rolled out to its launch pad early Monday at the Kennedy Space Center for another attempt later this month to fully load it with super-cold propellants, the culmination of … Read more

Portraits of the 2022 Tony Nominees

The Broadway season that just ended, the first since the pandemic shutdown, will be remembered for many reasons — the persistence of Covid, the death of Stephen Sondheim, the dwindled tourism and the indispensable understudies. It was a season for renewed appreciation: of song and storytelling and shared experiences, of a beloved art form and … Read more

A new approach to reach back to the Big Bang

A visualization of a supercomputer simulation of merging black holes sending out gravitational waves. Credit: NASA/C. henz Operating observatories around the globe target sky regions characterized by low contamination from Galactic radiation, looking for the imprint of Cosmological Gravitational Waves (CGWs) produced during Inflation, the mysterious phase of quasi-exponential expansion of space in the very … Read more

Why don’t we have many giant animals anymore?

Prehistoric giants used to populate the earth. These behemoths included mighty dinosaurs, airplane-size pterosaurs, massive crocodiles and snakes, and even armadillos the size of cars. But today, there are just a few big animals on our planet. What happened? Why aren’t there many giants left anymore? First of all, there’s plenty of fossil evidence that … Read more