Where Is Gwen Stacy In Insomniac’s Universe?

Gwen Stacy neither appears nor is mentioned in Marvel’s Spider-Man, so where is she? While she may have already died, the game’s clues say otherwise.

Gwen Stacy’s absence in Marvel’s Spider-Man game has many fans wondering where she might be in Insomniac’s Marvel universe and what her status is. spider man is one of Marvel’s best games, creating its own version of Peter Parker and the world he lives in, expertly blending decades of Marvel Comics lore with new elements that create a version of Spider-Man that is both fresh and faithful. While the PlayStation 4 title crammed in as many villains and supporting characters as its narrative allowed for, there are some big omissions from the game’s world and story. Gwen Stacy, who was Peter Parker’s first major love interest, is one of the game’s biggest absences. Gwen not only doesn’t appear in Marvel’s Spider-Manbut she isn’t even mentioned through the in-game dialogue or the lore-heavy backpacks that players can collect.


While it isn’t surprising that Gwen Stacy doesn’t appear in the game due to the story’s focus on Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s version of Mary Jane Watson, it is a bit unusual that she is never mentioned by any of the game’s characters. Most versions of Spider-Man feature Gwen Stacy as Parker’s first true love of her, and her iconic death of her at the hands of the Green Goblin as one of Spider-Man’s early defining failures that help shape his character. Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s version of the character is already several years into his career as Spider-Man and has had a relationship with Mary Jane Watson. At this point in Spider-Man’s life, Gwen has typically already died; however, there are some details that cast doubt on this possibility.

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For instance, Norman Osborn, who may hire spider man 2‘s Kraven, has yet to become the Green Goblin. This means that if Gwen has been killed in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s universe, it would not have been at the hands of the Green Goblin, as is typically portrayed. In addition, a life-changing event such as being unable to save a loved one and harboring guilt over the incident, would likely weigh over Peter enough that it would come up at some point in the game’s story. This makes it seem likely that Marvel’s Spider-Man is saving Gwen Stacy for a future storyline, and Peter Parker has yet to even meet her. If she is introduced later, she could more closely mimic the Sam Raimi spider man movies, where he meets Gwen later in his career as Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacy May End Up Being A Love Interest Of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Instead

Into The Spider-Verse Gwen Stacy

That being said, introducing Gwen Stacy in a future game as a potential love interest of Peter Parker’s that could create a love triangle with him and Mary Jane would be a colossal waste of the iconic character, especially since Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s Black Cat is already filling that role. A much more interesting choice would be to introduce Gwen Stacy as the fan-favorite Spider-Gwen, an alternate universe version of Gwen that became Spider-Man. Not only would this add another web-slinging hero into the Marvel’s Spider-Man world, it would also give Gwen the potential to spin-off into her own game, much like Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. With Miles set to play a big role in the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2it may also be interesting to give Gwen a love story with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker, mirroring the incredibly popular Into the Spider-Verse film

Whether Gwen Stacy is introduced with an established romance or not, she one of the web-slingers who should be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Since the introduction of Gwen Stacy’s alternate universe version, Spider-Gwen, the character’s popularity has skyrocketed, and Marvel has successfully adapted the character from being a side character in spider man comics to a powerful and unique hero in her own right, and warranting a place a in the world of Marvel’s Spider-Manand will hopefully appear in a sequel game or her own spin-off game.

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